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Report: iOS and Android capture record 92 percent of global smartphone market in Q4 2012 | 9to5Mac

Android's gains are generally clearly at the expense in the "others," as Apple will carry on to slowly gain marketshare as well.

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Report: iOS and Android capture record 92 % associated with global smartphone marketplace in Q4 2012 | 9to5Mac
As with regard to iOS, Apple grew 29 percent annually by promoting 135.8 million iPhones throughout the year. The other class obviously includes some other platforms, for example BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada, and also Windows, just about all involving which usually together simply grabbed 7.9-percent of industry in Q4 2012. Your organization captured 22 percent regarding the market throughout Q4, down from your 24 % it held within the year-ago quarter, along with its share in the smartphone market for that year is obtainable in at 19.4-percent. Each iOS and also Android had been in a place to significantly boost market share more than Q3, whilst global smartphone shipments over the complete year reached accurate documentation 700.1 million units.

With the actual "others" class shrinking coming from 32.3-percent of industry throughout 2011 to just 12.2-percent in 2012, Android has been in the place to post your largest gains jumping to 70.1-percent in the global industry during the fourth quarter coming from 51.3-percent a year ago. According towards the newest figures via Strategy Analytics in which measure global smartphone operating system shipments as well as marketshare for that fourth quarter associated with 2012, iOS along with Android with every single other accounted regarding 92 percent of most shipments. Based on Strategy Analytics, that is up slightly from your 19 percent it took throughout 2011.

Strategy-Analytics-2013-Jan-Q412. That's down coming from 25.1-percent throughout Q4 2011

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